Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Doing it allll wrong!

Tonight was my night off from work. I had the option to go in for some overtime but instead I avoided the phone and slept part of the night away.

When I woke up I was pretty hungry so I polished off my leftovers; stirfried chicken and portobello mushrooms with fresh homemade guacamole. It was pretty satisfying... but then it happened.

Bored cravings. One of the problems of working the night shift is when your day off comes around, you're stuck being awake all or most of the night with nothing to do. And when I have nothing to do and nowhere in particular to go, my mind and stomach get together for a little pow-wow. Hey, let's bug her for some action! they conspire and then proceed to poke and prod at my senses until I give in and eat something extra.

Luckily, I haven't had this problem since I went primal two weeks ago... but then again, this was the first time my brain and stomach and I were really alone together. I'm not hungry, I told them, but they bullied me into agreeing on a shopping trip to the 24-hour grocery store down the road.

Shopping List:
Bacon (5.5 lbs) $23.50 omgwtf
Jar of Sun-dried tomatoes
Jar of Roasted Red Peppers
Cherry tomatoes
Greek Honey Yogurt (not so primal, sadly... the sugar in it makes it a decadent now and again treat)
Almond butter (freshly ground thanks to the machine at the store)
Total Bill: $47 bucks

Considering I was wanting to eat eat eat, this shopping list isn't that bad. What's bad about it is the price tag, especially since I haven't figured out how to budget my shopping trips appropriately yet. It's a skill that I never learned on a convenience food diet, unfortunately.

When I came home I swallowed some yogurt with a couple spoonfuls of bedtime blueberries and then made a B.A.S. with leftover meat hash made from the Everyday Paleo cookbook. The salad was too big, unfortunately, thanks to my brain and stomach plotting against me, and I forced down the whole thing. I feel a bit ashamed but this is a habit that I am always fighting to stop. At least it was a salad.

So. Going into my third week, I've learned these things: I need a better food plan that doesn't involve me purchasing things on the fly, and I need an emergency plan in case of random food cravings.

In a random side note, I've started taking Vitamin D and fish oil supplements, since I'm convinced I don't get enough sunlight living like a vampire and because I've probably had a lifetime of Omega-6s.

Enough about food, what're my plans for today? Well, I go back to work tonight so I guess I'll hit the hay in another hour or so and sleep off that freaking BAS. And then walk the dog before work.

Note to self: Start working in Primal movement!

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