Monday, September 29, 2008

Life's pretty nice

Well, it's taken some time and waltzes, but things are okay with almost everything I can think of. School started today, my health is fine (school doctors are not my friends), I'm looking for a job but I might have one sometime in the near future, and church is going well also.

It's TOO good. Something is wrong here. :O I should start poking at things to see if it's a false wall or facade or something. Haha, or I can wait and enjoy things while it lasts. Yay for me.

Shout out to the writer Alan Campbell (one of my favorite authors currently) for signing the first editions of his novella, one of which found its way into my hands. I am stoked that I have a signed first edition of something for once. More props for also replying to my thank you email concerning the signed book. I feel like I can't get any more excited about things, unless he were to suddenly show up in Oregon and offer to sign my other two books as well. Haha, I can wish.

Time to start my studying for the day, cheers to all.

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Tasha said...

Hey I am glad you are doing good! I guess I get to see you for Thanksgiving!! CYA THEN